Geoff Sewell and Simone Lanham co-founded the world’s first opera band, Amici forever in 2002 which went on to sell over 3.5 million albums worldwide and have two No.1 albums.  Following the success and fan base enjoyed by Amici forever, Geoff and Simone decided to create BRAVO Amici in 2010, which includes original cast member and tenor, Geoff Sewell.  BRAVO Amici consists of two sopranos and three tenors from Geoff and Simone's parent entertainment company, Incognito Artists Ltd (based in New York and London). 

BRAVO Amici have wowed audiences all over the world, from London to LA, Miami to Moscow, St. Moritz to Sardinia, New York to New Zealand. Combining the essential elements of classical crossover - pop, Broadway, the West End and opera - this group of endlessly talented friends and stage stars melt hearts and blow minds in every theater they perform, becoming a worldwide phenomenon over the years. With a show that not only entertains and excites audiences, but also connects with them on a deeper level (at a time when the world needs all the love, acceptance and inclusion it can get) you can guarantee it's a concert you'll never forget because of how they made you FEEL.

'Before Il Divo, before The Ten Tenors and before Jackie Evancho, there was Amici Forever, and now it’s successor, Bravo Amici. They started the pop opera genre and all still among its best practitioners. Featuring beautiful arrangements and set for three male and two female voices, Bravo Amici gives a fuller range of sound than any other vocal group in the genre. The McCallum Theatre audience was mesmerized by the magnificent singing and charmed by their stage personas.  Thunderous applause and standing ovations were the result from their superb performance".

Mitch gershenfield, PRESIDENT & ceo, the mccallum theatre, p;alm desert, usa - 2019



See BRAVO Amici in 2020:

  • 20th Feb: Lyric Theatre, Stuart, Florida https://lyrictheatre.showare.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=630
  • 22nd Feb: Huntington Lakes, Florida
  • 27th Feb: Wynmoor Theatre, Florida
  • 28th Feb: Wycliffe Country Club (6pm and 8pm)
  • 14th March: Century Village - Pembroke Pines
  • 17th March: Century Village - Boca Raton
  • 21st March: Century Village - West Palm Beach
  • 22nd March: Valencia Reserve  - Boynton Beach

New Zealand tour:

10 May: Christchurch https://premier.ticketek.co.nz/shows/show.aspx?sh=AMICI20

12 May: Dunedin https://www.ticketmaster.com/bravo-amici-tic%E2%80%A6/artist/2254533

14 May: Wellington https://www.ticketmaster.com/bravo-amici-tic%E2%80%A6/artist/2254533

15 May: Palmerston North https://www.ticketrocket.co.nz/event/details/205728

16 May: New Plymouth https://premier.ticketek.co.nz/shows/show.aspx?sh=AMICI20

17 May: Napier https://premier.ticketek.co.nz/shows/show.aspx?sh=AMICI20

19 May: Auckland https://www.ticketmaster.com/bravo-amici-tic%E2%80%A6/artist/2254533



Celebrating years of global success, BRAVO Amici's debut album features tracks from the much loved classical crossover genre.  Their savvy mix of classical and pop has led to the group being renowned worldwide. 

For this album many of the tracks have been chosen by fans all over the world and include favourites such as "How Great Thou Art", "Nessun Dorma", "O Sole Mio" and "Prayer in the Night". 


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